Holly Hunter to star in untitled comedy from the writer of Evil Dead


Seasoned pro Holly Hunter (“Broadcast News”! “Raising Arizona”! “Once Around”! “The Firm”!) will be under the employ of Diablo ‘Juno’ Cody on the screenwriter’s directorial debut, says Deadline.
Russell Brand, “Footloose” star Julianne Hough and Octavia Spencer (“The Help”) are already onboard the the untitled comedy, which tells of “a sheltered young woman (Hough) who loses her faith after a plane crash and heads to Vegas to experience the wild side of life. Hunter will play her conservative and overprotective mother.”

Production begins next Spring on the film.

Meanwhile, interesting to read all the comments regarding the “Evil Dead” remake story spoilers, whose script Cody did a pass on. I think it’s unfair to shovel all the blame onto Cody for anything that doesn’t sit well with you on the remake – she didn’t, after all, come up with the story; as I see it, she’s simply given the characters more ‘pop’. I don’t know for sure, obviously having not read any version of the script, but I can’t imagine the first draft was much.