Exclusive : Miller’s confident Mad Max will be before the cameras “middle of next year”


George Miller is insistent that “Mad Max Fury Road” will get made next year. Despite the numerous postponements over the years, the director of the reboot/sequel says a mid 2012 shoot is a lock.  And he’s not budging.  And after that, he hopes to shoot two sequels, resulting in an all-new “Max” trilogy.

Miller tells Moviehole that the Tom Hardy starring actioner will start shooting in May or June in Namibia.

In the film, Hardy’s Max goes up against an hulking thug, played by Hugh Keays-Byrne, and his gang.

Every time we meet it seems we talk “Mad Max Fury Road” and then something happens to derail the project.

Yeah. It’s Mad Max [Laughs]. Every time we try, it doesn’t happen. But that’s something that happens [with movies]. This time it was rain. And we were going to shoot out of Broken Hill. And what was once a flat wasteland, is now a flower garden virtually. And it’s beautiful, beautiful by the way. Good for everybody, good for the country, not good for Mad Max. So we’re heading out next year [to South Africa], middle of next year, to do it.

That’s great. Is there Aussies on board still?

Oh yeah. All Aussie crew, you know, Australian actors, a bunch of people.

I know at one stage you were talking… Actually we were talking about getting Magda Szubanski in there a few years ago. And you were like, “Oh, I have to find a spot for an Magda.” Did you found a spot for an Magda yet?

Yeah.  No, I haven’t. No [Laughs]

Tom Hardy. Brilliant choice as Max. He’s a fantastic actor.

Yeah, he is quite something. He’s going to be terrific in the role.  It’s going to be interesting to see the sort of work he does, yeah.

According to the doc, Hardy, Theron , Adelaide Clemens and Nicholas Hoult are definitely onboard the film. No word yet on whether any of the other supporting players originally set for the film will make the trip to South Africa.