Blue Lagoon remake in the works; but how can anyone replace Christopher Atkins!?


“The Blue Lagoon”. I’d been thinking about this movie recently. It really engrossed me as a kid. And the “berries” scene? wow! Quite a killer finale for a pre-teen to handle. But mostly, I remember it as being a good movie. Was it? Well, if movies were judged by how much Brooke Shields nudity they had in them, this would’ve gotten four stars, that I’ll say.

But mostly, I’ve been thinking about the career of Christopher Atkins. This guy was like the Orlando Bloom or Zac Efron of his day (though he looks more like a Chris Pratt type) – girls swooned for him, but more so he seemed to have a small ounce of acting ability and even, if I dare remind you, singing ability.

Remember this little ‘hit’? from “The Pirate Movie”!

Lifetime haven’t rediscovered “The Pirate Movie” yet (all good things come to those who wait), but they have recognized that “Blue Lagoon” is ripe for a remake.

The 1980 film, directed by “Grease” alum Randal Kleiser, centered on a boy and a girl marooned on a tropical island, where they grow up together, fall in love and discover sexuality.

Here’s a refresher :

The Shields and Atkins roles are being cast as we speak, ahead of a Feb 2012 start in Puerto Rico.

You’ll recall “Blue Lagoon” spawned a sluggish, cinema-unfriendly sequel, “Return to the Blue Lagoon” starring Milla Jovovich and Brian Krause, in 1991… or maybe you don’t.

The producers behind the Lifetime redo of “Blue Lagoon” also have a “Steel Magnolias” movie in the works. What other chick-friendly Mills & Boone-esque flick can they recreate for the small screen? Has “Rebel” with Matt Dillon and Debbie Byrne being redone yet? What about “Vision Quest” (aka “Crazy for You”) with Matthew Modine in his wrestling duds?