Exclusive : Michael Clarke Duncan may take on The Challenger


Filmmaker and actor Kent Moran (“Listen to Your Heart”) is believed to have near snagged the services of a ‘Kingpin’ for his new boxing flick, “The Challenger”.

Towering Michael Clarke Duncan (“Daredevil”, “Green Lantern”, “Talladega Nights”) is in talks for the film, the story of a boxer (Moran), hailing from the Bronx, who recognizes that the only way he’s going to escape the harsh life he’s been summoned – his mother, for one, is about to lose her home – is to begin fighting again.

“Challenger” would see Duncan return to the world of film fighting; he previously gave his knuckles a workout in “Street Fighter : The Legend of Chun-Li” and “The Scorpion King”.

Ernie Sabella, best known as ‘Pumbaa’ from “The Lion King” (and it’s sequels and spin-offs), is already set.

The project, based on an original script by Moran, will begin lensing in New York City in February.

Duncan is currently in pre-production on “Criminal Empire for Dummy’s”, the new Cliff Dorman crime caper starring Gary Oldman.