Bright from Everwood is on the hunt for Bin Laden?


Amazing how far Chris Pratt has come in such a short amount of time . The young actor cut his teeth on the wholesome weekly serial “Everwood”, playing ‘Bright’, the son of Tom Amandes’ character, and then when the series ended was picked up for a stint on “The OC” (he played some sort of hippie character on it, from memory). Since then he’s snagged supporting roles in some major feature films, including “Wanted”, “Take Me Home Tonight” and “Bride Wars”. And 2011 has been good to him too, with the actor playing a pivotal role in Steven Soderbergh’s “Moneyball” as well as getting a regular paycheque from the gang at “Parks & Recreation”. But next year looks to be the year that people will actually know the name.

According to Twitch, Pratt is in talks to headline Kathryn Bigelow’s untitled Hunt for Bin Laden movie. Joel Edgerton had been set to play the part but had to drop out due to busyiness. Jason Clarke (“The Brotherhood”) is already set for a role in the film. Great gig for Pratt, one that’ll cement his career in Hollywood.

The Bin Laden movie goes before the cameras in February.