Exclusive : Lang talks Avatar sequels, Pawn


As we speak James Cameron is holed up in a room somewhere overseeing storyboards for his next “Avatar”. The phizogs of Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver (yes, they’re bringing her back – despite her, well… you know) stare back at him. But what about Stephen Lang, the stupendous actor who gave life to the first film’s villain? Is he being resurrected for the sequel?

“I’m not really at liberty to say”, Lang told us earlier today via phone from New York, reticently adding “[But] I think Colonel Miles Quaritch is a hard man to kill”.

“But they’re doing Avatar 2 and 3”, he confirms. “I don’t have any inside information on them though.

“Whatever happens, I feel I’ll always be part of Avatar – I’m part of that world.”

Lang spoke to us from the set of “Pawn”, which stars Forest Whitaker and Michael Chiklis.

“It’s a heist picture. It’s a nasty little movie”, he said of the David A.Armstrong directed thriller. “It’s a different role for me – I play the old codger, I got a bad hip and a bad attitude.”

As far as “Terra Nova” goes, your guess is as good as his as to whether the show will get a second season. The actor says if the show wasn’t so expensive to make it’d be a no-brainer that it’d get a second season, but at this stage the network haven’t made a decision.

More from Mr Lang and his new film “Christina” next week.