Top 5 Vegas Gambling Movies You’ve Completely Forgotten About


Vegas. The hub of the money rub, the yanked slot and ‘Swingers’.

There’s been a casino owner’s trunk full of movies about Vegas, and those that inhibit it, over the years – from “Casino” to “Vegas Vacation”, “The Hangover”, “Swingers” and “Showgirls”, but everyone knows about those. They’re as well-known as Bingo rules.

Where’s the movie about my last trip to Vegas, where I had to line up for an hour to get into a buffet? where I didn’t win once on the slots? where I sat on the corner of where Tupac was shot waiting for a greyhound bus at 6am?

Nobody wants to see that, I guess.

Let’s take a look at 5 other films set in Vegas that have happened…


“Pink Cadillac” (1989)

Before reminding us there was still ammo left in his pistol with “Unforgiven”, Clint Eastwood played a bail bondsman that chased song-and-dance gal Bernadette Peters around Las Vegas.  Peters, who of course ends up wrapped in a  blanket with Eastwood’s character by the ho-hum film’s minutes, was actually quite a cutie in this.

“Indecent Proposal” (1993)

Married couple Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore – phwoar! one of the most ultimate poker babes ever!  that ‘rolling in cash’ scene is pause-button worthy!- welcome a third member to their relationship when Vegas bigwig Robert Redford offers the young couple a million dollars for a night with the woman. Money well spent, Bob!

“Hard Eight” (1998)

One of Paul Thomas Anderson’s earlier films, this effective warning to chronic gamblers fixes on a gambler who, broke as a wonky door, is adopted by a seasoned gambler who demonstrates the ability to get pricey rooms for next-to-nothing and how to get that lost money back.

“Honeymoon in Vegas” (1992)

I have a strange liking for this effervescent but rather preposterous early ’90s comedy about a man (Nicolas Cage) who loses his girlfriend (Sarah Jessica Parker) in a game of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker to a compassionate but steadfast business man (James Caan). More famous for its soundtrack of Elvis cover songs than it’s glitzy setting.

“Rainman” (1988)

“Tens are good”. Dressed to the nines, brothers Charlie (Tom Cruise) and Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) – who has a special gift for counting – head to Vegas to litter their pockets with cash in a short but memorable scene from Barry Levinson’s Oscar Winning drama.

Vegas movies, next best thing to being right there, hey!? As Tom Cruise says in “Rainman”, “Yes Sir, I love this town!”