Investor throws backpack over shoulder and departs Wolf Creek 2


“Wolf Creek 2” is sure to make a, er, killing when it’s released – key words there being “when.its.released”. But as any good gambler knows, you’ve got to start with money to end up with even more money.

Greg McLean’s long-awaited sequel has been hit with a shovel from behind, with investor Geoffrey Edelsten pulling out.  The financier went to court and argued that he never would have agreed to donate $5 million dollars to the production if he’d been aware that he was the main financial contributor to the film.

Despite having a$12.3 million dollar budget, Edelstein argued that only $30,000 of that was put up by private investors; the balance came from government grants.

The Herald Sun states that Emu Creek Pictures, of which Greg McLean is a director, sent Millennium Management, of which Mr Edelsten is director, a statutory demand last month for payment of $4.923 million.

Millennium has now taken action against Emu Creek and is asking the Supreme Court to set aside the statutory demand.

“The plaintiff wishes to investigate irregularities with the investment deed and PIA (private investor agreement),” Mr Edelsten says in his affidavit.

“Further, based on the misrepresentations about the other private investors and the tax deductibility of my proposed investment, I believe that the plaintiff has a complete defence to the alleged debt.”

Edelstein had said in August that he was looking forward to opening his bank account up to “Wolf Creek 2”.

“I was looking for a film with international appeal and the script for Wolf Creek 2 blew me away. I loved the first film, but this will set the bar at a new height,” he said at the time.

“It’s bigger, badder, more terrifying and action-packed than the first film. After reading the script it stuck with me for weeks, and meeting Greg and Matt (producer Matt Hearn) sealed the deal.”

Emu Creek Pictures say Edelsten is wrong, wrong, wrong and they’re confident they’ll win this one.

“We intend to fight the allegations in the Supreme Court of Victoria and are confident of victory,” the statement said.

“The production company has been clear, thorough and transparent in all its dealings with Geoffrey Edelsten and Millennium Management from the outset with Screen Australia overseeing the contracting process for the film.”

“Wolf Creek 2” would again star John Jarratt as the maniacal madman of the Aussie desert.

“It’s more of a road film this time with a lot of chasing going on everything from cars to horses”, Jarratt recently told Bloody Disgusting. “There’s also a chase that ends up back in a cave, his lair. And of course, there’s plenty of blood and guts. We’re getting to throw trucks off cliffs and a bunch of other stuff I can’t talk about.”

Instead of Mick Taylor terrorizing a group, it’s just the one international tourist, a back packer, who goes up against the rogue this time. Newcomer Julia Voth, from the upcoming “Amelia’s 25th”, is rumoured to be one of the actresses being considered for the part of the heroine.