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Christopher Nolan all dressed up on the set of The Dark Knight Rises

But he’s not giving anything away.

At this point, it looks like the people behind “The Dark Knight Rises” are working extra hard to keep us guessing. Trying to keep us interested. Getting us talking about it.

And I’d wager that they’re being very successful at it – especially after releasing the Prologue at the introduction to “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” at IMAX screenings, and having us hear (or struggle to hear) Bane for the first time.

So continuing the tradition of keeping us talking about the film, here’s a picture of director Christopher Nolan on the set. Looking all dressed up (like normal), but not giving much away. Apart from the whopping piece of beautiful machinery that is an IMAX camera sitting right in front of him. But we already knew that anyway.

That’s a very nice white screen you’ve got on the set there, Christopher.

I know it doesn’t give anything away, I just thought you might like to see it. Stay tuned for more teasers, I’m sure.

“The Dark Knight Rises” hits theatres July 20, 2012.

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