Paramount confirms Paranormal Activity 4 for Halloween 2012


Earlier today a word nugget surfaced suggesting a fourth “Paranormal Activity” was in the works – yeah, I know, shocker! – for a release sometime this year. I’d actually happened upon the title on a local Aussie release schedule a few days back but, since this project was as much a sure-thing as a long leak after a large coke, I didn’t take much notice. But for what it’s worth, “Paranormal Activity 4” is down for an October/Halloween release locally, which is the same time the previous installments in the non-union original and it’s sequels were released, so I can only imagine it’ll be the same deal world-wide.

So what story do you guys want to see though? Should “Paranormal Activity 4” pick up after the events of the last film, telling more of the ‘backstory’ from when the two young victimized girls were, well, girls? Or should it be a sequel, fixing on baby-kidnapping Katie?