Exclusive : Steven Seagal’s True Justice gets a second season


Despite the first season being cut up into telemovie form and released in most territories as stand-alone DVD premieres, Steven Seagal’s scripted TV show “True Justice” has earned itself a second season.

Though the show was released in two-hour blocks DTV in countries like Australia and the UK, “True Justice” will be remain in-tact and have it’s first season broadcast on America’s Reelz Channel (the same outlet that screened “The Kennedy’s” mini-series) in March 2012.

Before the first episode has even aired, the producers have announced plans to shoot a second season of the show; assumingly, Reelz have already agreed to run it.

(It’s not a bad deal for Reelz actually, this will be the first scripted TV series they’ve had and could pull them more permanent viewers).

“True Justice” stars Seagal as a copper who leads his team into battle with “gangs, drug lords and crime syndicates” in Seattle.

Film wise, Seagal is doing a two-hander with Steve Austin as we speak called “Maximum Conviction”. No doubt a project that came together as a result of that ’80s action hero team-up movie “The Expendables”, considering it’s two action movie icons going head-to-head and all, the Keoni Waxman-directed film will be released by Anchor Bay theatrically later this year. In it, Seagal and Austin play private security officers who are forced to patrol a prison that’s taken over by mercenaries.