Live-action Star Wars series may be called Star Wars : Underworld


That live-action “Star Wars” series that’s been in the works longer than a CGI Yoda? Not any closer to coming to fruition but it might at least now have an official title.

Producer Rick McCallum (George’s right-hand man; someone responsible for the prequels) tells IGN that although they’ve yet to find the dough to make the show (are you frickin’ kidding me, George!?) they do know what it’ll be and what it’ll be titled.

Firstly, the title. Apparently “Star Wars : Underworld” is the working title for the show – in other words, that’s the one they’re going with for the moment.

The title reflects the show’s storylines, rather well. You see, it’s set between “Return of the Jedi” and “The Phantom Menace” and will be about “underneath what’s going on.. it’s the criminals, the gangs [etc]” says the producer.

Interestingly enough, “Star Wars : Underworld” is also the title of a “Wars” comic series from Dark Horse. I’m not sure that the show has anything to do with it, but considering those comics also fixes on the criminals, gangs, bounty-hunter’s etc of the Galaxy, there’s a fair chance they are one and the same.

Here’s a synopsis of one of those “Underworld” comics, which might reflect the kind of stories we’d be seeing on the TV show.

When three Hutts place a wager on who can raise the most successful squad of henchmen to procure a highly valuable, mythical treasure, the most conniving rogues of the Star Wars Universe are recruited. Following a lead provided by Jozzel Moffet, a Hutt’s majordomo, three teams set out to be the first to find the mysterious Yavin Vassilika. Boba Fett, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Lando, Dengar, IG-88, and others square off to decide who is the best scoundrel in the galaxy! They’re hot on each other’s trails, trying to stay alive and one step ahead of the pack. Meanwhile, the seductive Jozzel Moffet, wanting to free herself from a life of Hutt-washing, is moonlighting for a secret fourth investor and is hoping to get the Vassilika from whichever team is left standing!

Guessing we’ll likely see some of those characters, like the Hutt’s and Bobba Fett on the show, then? I’d say so..

McCallum says the show is proving difficult to put together because of the financial constraints. They want the show’s special effects to be somewhat on par with the bells and whistles of the feature films, but considering they’d be punching one of these out every week – and only have about 5 million per episode – they’re not sure they can feasibly accomplish that.

The beard’s beard says they’ve 50 one-hour episodes already written and all of those 1-hour episodes are bigger than the prequels were. But don’t get too excited… McCallum doesn’t sound convinced we’ll ever see the show. Here’s the video interview :