Ed Burns is writing a Brother’s McMullen sequel!


Edward Burns might be returning to where it all started for him – no, not the control room of Entertainment Tonight – the McMullen household.

The actor/director is considering sequelizing his breakthrough hit (and one of my personal favourites), “The Brother’s McMullen” (later essentially remade – with coin Robert Redford lent Burns – as “She’s the One”) to coincide with the film’s 15th anniversary.

Burns, out promoting his roles in upcoming movies “I, Alex Cross” and “Newlyweds”, tells I Am Rogue that “I’ve started to outline the sequel to McMullen. The twentieth anniversary will be in 2015, so my goal is to shoot it at the end of next year to have it ready in time.”

The filmmaker says he owes Kevin Smith for inspiring the sequel.

“When I saw Clerks II that’s the first time that I got the notion and thought that it was very smart of him to do that. Then the movie turned out great so I was like, why not?”

Oh please make it happen Ed! While John Mahoney is still with us!