Stallone vs. Schwarzenegger in The Tomb!


Now this is an idea that many a fanboy have been salivating over for years, teaming Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

Now we’re talking Arnie and Sly back-to-back, with equal amount of screentime, in a movie – not, as is the case with the “Expendables” movies, one playing a starring role and the other playing a supporting role or doing a cameo.

At one stage it looked like Arnie and Sly might do Jerry Weintraub’s “Westworld” remake, but that project went away, and there’s been countless other times that producers have tried to get Rambo and the Terminator together. None came off.

Looks like the dream two-hander may happen, with Schwarzenegger now being courted to play the villain in Stallone’s newie “The Tomb”. At one stage had Schwarzenegger lined up to play the hero, but he passed the project onto Sly. Now, seems Sly wants his ol’ mate to be his adversary in the movie.

Aint it Cool just reported :

Shortly before Halloween last year, Stallone chose to take the role of Ray Breslin in THE TOMB.   Who is Ray Breslin?  Reportedly he’s an expert on structural security for High Security Prisons – and ironically enough gets framed and must escape to discover who put him there.

Well, the familiar – oh so reliable contact that whispered in my ear on the drive home…  specifically as I was driving through Fort Sumner, New Mexico…  told me that Sly has a very interesting co-star that is currently circling and discussing with Sly to join him in THE TOMB…   and that’s Arnold Schwarzenegger.

That’s right.  Looks like Arnold, who was already familiar with the project has another role he’s interested in for the film – and man…  how exciting is that?

Now this is cool. If they can find a director – it still hasn’t got one – big enough and savvy enough to make a decent movie out of this, like, say John McTiernan, we might have 2013’s first must-see movie here.