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Chronicle helmer Trank may get some Four play

“Fantastic” reboot may have its director

Confident they have a critical and commercial hit on their hands with their forthcoming superhero jaunt “Chronicle”, Fox are considering retaining the services of director Josh Trank for something a little less original – a “Fantastic Four” reboot.

Obviously Fox have fiscals in mind, so they won’t be offering Trank the job officially until “Chronicle” meets a certain number at the box office (it hits Super Bowl weekend) says ShowBlitz. If the film does die a quick death – and let’s not forget, good films sometimes do fail at the box-office – you can pretty much expect a blob of white-out to be plonked on Trank’s name on that ‘Fantastic Four’ director wishlist. But best case scenario : “Chronicle” not only does well, but more so, it’s an excellent film; then, we might get the amazing “Fantastic Four” film Tim Story failed to deliver a few years back.

While there’s no word on casting yet for the new ‘Fantastic Four’ I think it’s safe to say we won’t see any of the cast from Story’s two films return nor will Edward Norton or Terrence Howard get the call to be Mr Fantastic. I just got a feeling, there.

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