James Cameron opens up 3D shop in Melbourne, Australia


James Cameron rolled – no, not like a doughnut down the street; in a car – into Melbourne today to open a new Australian office for his emerging 3D biz, Cameron Pace Group.

Managing the office is Andrew Wight, who directed the Cameron produced “Sanctum”.

“We are very excited about enabling more world-class 3D productions in Australia”, The Herald-Sun quotes the filmmaker, whose next film is “Titanic 3D”. “Andrew (Wight) is a longtime collaborator with Vince Pace and myself and I’m proud to have him join the team.”

Wight says filmmakers will now be able to take advantage of some of the 3D tools that gave “Avatar” it’s shine.

“There is a wealth of creative talent in this country and now we can provide the 3D know-how and gear to match that talent,” Wight said.

No doubt Cameron – and Wight – have some local productions in mind, which they’ll utilize the tools of their new company for, but meantime the Oscar Winning director has his hands full with two “Avatar” sequels (due 2016), the dramatic “The Last Train from Hiroshima: The Survivors Look Back”, and the long-gestating “Battle Angel”.