Exclusive : Last Picture Show‘s Bogdanovich, Shepherd off to Westworld?


While we wait with itchiness and heavy breath for that rumoured second sequel to “The Last Picture Show”, it’s female lead and director are reuniting for another project.

Peter Bogdanovich will direct Cybill Shepherd, who played in the former’s 1971 classic, in “One Lucky Moon”, a Luck Films venture about a small town that’s outfitted as a Westworld-style amusement park – complete with staged shoot-outs, bank robberies and all sorts of pay-for-the-privilege cowboy adventures.

Luck films is a newly-established prod co run by musician and actor Willie Nelson. Nelson will also appear in “One Lucky Moon”. Also attached are Burt Reynolds, Eva Hassmann and Tom Petty.
“Lucky Moon” is currently in the scripting stage, with Bogdanovich manning the keyboard.

Luck are currently in pre-production on “Cottonwood”, a family drama with Anthony Michael Hall headlining.