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Selma Blair, Elaine Hendrix, Shawnee Smith among Sheen’s potential Anger Management co-stars

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A couple of days back Clint reviewed the pilot episode of “Anger Management”, the new Charlie Sheen sitcom that’s due to premiere on fx this Summer. According to the boss man, the half-hour comedy is shaping up to be a good one, with interesting characters, witty dialogue and a lack of dick jokes (something that’s plagued Sheen’s other sitcom “Two and-a-half Men”).

Here’s what Clint said about the characters :

Charlie, much more responsible than his namesake over on that other show, is merely attempting to keep his household together – not easy when he’s surrounded by strong-minded, independent women who either ignore him or laugh at him (obviously this is where some of that ‘anger’ may arise). He was married, but he’s now somewhat enjoying the single life (embroiled in a sexual relationship with his therapist, Kate. She’s trying to separate her home life from her office life, easier said than done when Charlie turns up to his sessions and drops his trousers. The relationship takes an interesting turn when Charlie loses one of his clients, Patrick, to Kate)- though he discovers even singledom can be infuriating.

The ex-wife, Jen, is still hanging around. They get along Okay, but she’s still understandably pissed at her former husband for screwing around on her (and she feels somewhat guilty for not being able to satisfy him). Charlie, ever the scholar, still feels its his place to question what Jen watches or reads – for instance, he ruined “Sex and the City” for her by referring to
Carrie Bradshaw as “a co-dependent horse face”, and is now at the woman for her obsession with romance novels (which she admits to reading merely for the sex; he refers to them as ‘spank’ books). I can relate to that last one.

Charlie and Jen have a teenage daughter, Emma (13). Bit of a brain. Suffers from OCD. She keeps Charlie on his toes. She’s antsy but smart. When we first meet her, Emma is anxious about which college she’s going to get into – despite only being in the eighth grade. There’s some fun, slightly risque dialogue between Emma and some of her peers about having ‘intercourse’ in the pilot.

Today Deadline reported on some of the actresses testing for the aforesaid roles.

Selma Blair (“Cruel Intentions”, “Hellboy”) is said to be close to snagging the role of the therapist, Kate.

Elaine Hendrix, whose many credits include “Inspector Gadget 2″ and “Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion”, is also in contention for that role.

Shawnee Smith from the “Saw” movies and Kate Reinders (“Work It”) are up for the ex-wife role.

If the 10-episode run hits a ratings target, that will trigger a 90-episode order by FX, which would be produced on an accelerated schedule over the next two years.

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