The trades confirm F. Javier Gutierrez is directing The Crow


In today’s edition of the trades get scooped by indy film websites but don’t want to acknowledge that, we’re reminded of Twitch’s exclusive from a couple of months back concerning F. Javier Gutierrez’s (”Before the Fall”) prospective anointment as the director of the long-gestating “The Crow” (remake; a buddy-project team-up with Bob and Harvey and Relativity) … by way of the trade’s credit-less confirmation story published today. Sure, Twitch didn’t have the bit about Jesse Wigutow penning the remake of the 1994 flick, but they did suggest Gutierrez was being floated as a possible helmer; I’d think that deserves credit, no!?
Still, don’t see any of the trades giving us our dues for scooping them on Liam Hemsworth signing for “Timeless” or any of the other numerous scoops we’ve got up on ’em (in fact, often Variety will flat-out refuse to run a story – even a large one – if a smaller indy movie website has bet them to the punch), so at least Twitch can sleep knowing it’s not personal.