Matthew Broderick returns as Ferris Bueller!


There’s been talk of a “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” sequel for a while now – but it’s in all probability that this is the closest we’ll ever come to seeing Matthew Broderick reprise his signature role.

A commercial for…. well, we don’t know… is airing during the superbowl, and in it Broderick reprises his mischievous school-ditcher from the 1986 comedy.

There’s a very quick tease of the commercial below, but we’ll have to wait until the Superbowl to see the full commercial – and learn what Ferris Bueller is advertising.

You’ll recall Chevy Chase reprising his role as Clark Griswold from the “Vacation” films for a commercial a couple of years back. Seems to be the new trend. Can we get Julia Roberts to reprise the hooker from “Pretty Woman” for a Lamborghini ad next year?