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Nifty new trailer for Guy Pearce starrer Lockout

Nifty new trailer for Guy Pearce starrer Lockout

Can Luc Besson do for Guy Pearce’s career what he did to Liam Neeson’s? (Yes, that’s right – – turn him into a serious awards-contending actor into an action-movie cartoon). Maybe… if this one is as solid a time as “Taken” was.

Pearce is the hero of “Lockout”, a James Mather and Stephen St. Leger written/directed actioner that stars the Aussie actor as a man who has to rescue the President’s daughter from a prison satellite in Space. So, yes, it’s basically “Taken” in Space. And having Maggie Grace- from “Taken” – playing the daughter doesn’t help help the comparison fade at all. Still, it looks like a heap of fun!

Here’s the new trailer, courtesy IGN :

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