Nifty new trailer for Guy Pearce starrer Lockout


Can Luc Besson do for Guy Pearce’s career what he did to Liam Neeson’s? (Yes, that’s right – – turn him into a serious awards-contending actor into an action-movie cartoon). Maybe… if this one is as solid a time as “Taken” was.

Pearce is the hero of “Lockout”, a James Mather and Stephen St. Leger written/directed actioner that stars the Aussie actor as a man who has to rescue the President’s daughter from a prison satellite in Space. So, yes, it’s basically “Taken” in Space. And having Maggie Grace- from “Taken” – playing the daughter doesn’t help help the comparison fade at all. Still, it looks like a heap of fun!

Here’s the new trailer, courtesy IGN :