Superhero News : Captain America 2, Nick Fury, Man of Steel, Ghost Rider 2, Shazam!, X-Men FC 2


Captain America 2

Neal McDonough, who plays Dum Dum Dugan in ”Captain America: The First Avenger”, tells IMDB that the sequel could be shooting as early as this year. “…they’re planning (to go into production for) Captain America 2 for the end of this year, because Marvel does one film at a time. So they’re going to do Thor 2 and as soon as Thor has wrapped, they’ll do Cap 2.” McDonough, who is on “Justifed” this season, says he’ll then be in a “Nick Fury” movie with Sam Jackson. “That’s the one I’m looking forward to more than anything…it’ll be me and Sam Jackson. In the real Marvel universe, Dum Dum Dugan is Nick Fury’s right hand man…And I just pray that they have a 1970s setting, because I want to see Sam Jackson with lambchops kicking people’s asses for Marvel universe. It would just be awesome. And to work with Sam would be a treat. We’ve become friendly over the years.”

The Avengers

You’ve seen these pics before, but only as scans from a magazine; here’s five new still stills from this summer’s most anticipated release.


It’s been years since we last heard about a possible film adaptation of DC Comics’ Shazam/Captain Marvel (wasn’t the Rock going to be in that film for a while?) but Geoff Johns, writer of “The Curse of Shazam!”, says there’s still a chance it’ll come to fruition. “Shazam’s always — there’s always a possibility for Shazam. There’s always talk about Shazam. And I can’t get into the specifics on that, but yeah, there’s hope for Shazam.” (Newsarama)

X-Men : First Class 2

“Chronicle” director Josh Trank has already been mentioned as a possible helmer for Fox’s “Fantastic Four” reboot, but in a new interview with HeyUGuys discusses the possibility of an “X-Men : First Class” sequel having come his way too. Still, that doesn’t mean he won’t be working with some original ideas too. “It’s a little weird, as I knew this movie would work, but it’s been surprising how everyone’s responded. I have been working on some original ideas and things are being talking about, but nothing’s a signed deal yet.” Meanwhile Trank has also floated the possibility of a “Chronicle” sequel.

Man of Steel

Pete Ross has been cast in the ‘Superman’ reboot. Jack Foley is playing Clark Kent’s buddy from Smallville, says SupermanHomepage. Ross, of course, was played by Sam Jones III on TV’s “Smallville”.

Ghost Rider : Spirit of Vengeance

Finally, some new TV spots for the upcoming “Ghost Rider” sequel-reboot.