Quick News – January 28, 2011


Motion-Comic “The Temple” Premieres

Amazon Studio’s “The Temple”, motion comic about U.S. special operation soldiers who come across a supernatural force while tracking a wanted terrorist through no-man’s land between Afghanistan and Pakistan, is now online – to stream for free. The Alex Greenfield directed movie features Christopher Showerman in the lead role as soldier Derek. Bess Harrison and Darin Cooper also star. Download “The Temple” here.

“Middle Of Nowhere” Sells

Participant has picked up the distro rights to Ava DuVernay’s acclaimed new film.

Park City, UT – January 27, 2012 – Participant Media and AFFRM (African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement) have jointly acquired U.S. theatrical rights to MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, an elegant and emotional drama chronicling a woman’s separation from her incarcerated husband and her journey to maintain her marriage and her identity. Written and directed by AFFRM founder Ava DuVernay, the film was produced by DuVernay and Howard Barish with producer Paul Garnes.

Staring into the hollow end of her husband Derek’s eight-year prison sentence, Ruby Sexton fights to support him on the inside and survive her own identity crisis on the outside. Through a chance encounter and a stunning betrayal that shakes her to the core, Ruby is propelled in new and, often frightening, directions of self-discovery.

AFFRM will distribute the film theatrically later this year, activating marketing and promotional support through its broad grassroots collective powered by the nation’s top black film organizations. AFFRM’s inaugural feature through this innovative model was the critically-acclaimed drama, “I Will Follow,” released in March 2011. In December 2011, AFFRM distributed last year’s Sundance World Cinema Drama Audience Award winner, “Kinyarwanda.”

Hancock helming Grisham’s “The Partner”

“Blind Side” director John Lee Hancock will direct a feature film adaptation of the John Grisham novel. The New Regency set-up project “is about Patrick Lanigan, a young partner in a white shoe Biloxi law firm with a wife and newborn daughter. Trapped in a burning car one night, he died, leaving behind only ashes. But Lanigan is disillusioned enough by his life to fake his death and steal $90 million from his firm. He just has to hope the wrong people don’t catch up with him as he goes on the run.” (Deadline)

Carrie Bradshaw does “Lovelace”

Sarah Jessica Parker is replacing Demi Moore as Gloria Steinem in the Linda Lovelace biopic. Moore pulled out due to her heavily-publicized bout with exhaustion. (Deadline)

Rodriguez to direct “Addicted”

“Addicted”, the novel by Zane about the perfect family woman whose addiction to sex is unraveling her perfect family life, is coming to the big screen courtesy Lionsgate, director Rosemary Rodriguez and writer Lucy Thurber. (Deadline)

“The Amazing Spider-Man” sneak peek

Coming Soon reports, “Sony Pictures will be holding sneak peek events for The Amazing Spider-Man in multiple cities on Monday, February 6th. Displays promoting the events are going up tonight in London (check out the video of the promo below!), Rio, New York and Los Angeles!” Click over to the site to find out how you can preview the scenes from the Marc Webb directed blockbuster.

“Ferris Bueller” commercial is for…

The commercial we previewed yesterday that will run on the Superbowl, featuring Matthew Broderick reprising Ferris Bueller, is for Honda. “A source familiar with Honda’s operations hinted to us earlier this year that the company was going to do a Ferris Bueller-style ad for the Super Bowl starring none other than Matthew Broderick”, says Jalopnik, adding that “Hangover” director Todd Phillips may be involved with the commercial.

Delpy considering “Before Sunrise 3”

Julie Delpy tells EW that there’s the possibility she and Ethan Hawke may reunite for a second sequel to “Before Sunrise”. “We’re thinking about [a third film], but the second one we only did because we had a good setup, and ideas. I don’t think we would do it if we find the right thing to say. If the third one’s not good, it’s not good for the two before. We’re careful. We’re thinking about it, but it’s not official.”

Will Refn direct “Drive 2”?

Surprisingly, when asked by whether he might direct a film adaptation of the upcoming sequel novel “Driven” by James Sallis, Nicolas Winding Refn doesn’t rule it out. “Well I think that… hmm. Let me just say that I haven’t made up my mind yet. Stranger things have happened…” (Shortlist)

First Look : “Savages”

Finally today, the first pic from the new Oliver Stone film. The pic features Benicio Del Toro and Blake Lively.