Quick News – January 31, 2012


“Smashed” stills

New pics from the acclaimed Sundance entry “Smashed”, starring “Die Hard 4” cutie Mary Elizabeth Winstead and “Breaking Bad” alum Aaron Paul, will follow this sentence of type.

“High Road” trailer

Trailer for the March release, “High Road” starring Lizzy Caplan and Rob Riggle, among others, is online.

Glenn “Fitz” Fitzgerald (James F. Pumphrey) is a young man whose loyalties are split among his band, his girlfriend Monica (Abby Elliott) and selling weed. After his band breaks up, Fitz finds himself dealing pot out of his garage and bonding with 16-year-old neighborhood kid Jimmy (Dylan O’Brien). As his former band mates (Zach Woods, Matt L. Jones, Lizzy Caplan) begin finding success and one of his drug deals goes awry, Fitz hits the road with Jimmy. Amid car chases, guns, broken bones, sassy cabbies and a suspicious doctor (Horatio Sanz), Fitz has to navigate their way to safe harbor–and he doesn’t even know about the surprise Monica has in store for him back home!

Available on VOD, DVD, Blu-Ray and Digitally March 6th from Millennium Entertainment

“Bryan Loves You” director’s next previewed on YouTube

Seth Landau (“Bryan Loves You”) has 10 minutes of his new flick “Take Out” up at YouTube. Support, Comment, Finance, Blog about it.

Spider-Man at the Opera House?

The footage sneaks from “The Amazing Spider-Man” that we mentioned last week? They’ll be happening in Australia too!

Check this!

The only place you can get tickets to the event is at Supernova‘s Pop Culture Expo.

Sarandon on “The Big C”

Susan Sarandon is playing a cancer survivor on Showtime’s “The Big C”. The series, starring Laura Linney in the lead role, is entering it’s third season. Sarandon was seen on TV’s “Rescue Me” a couple of years ago.

Eastwood’s “Curve” sets a date

Clint Eastwood-Amy Adams starrer “The Trouble with the Curve”, a drama about a veteran baseball scout hitting the road for one last time, with daughter in tow, has been scheduled for a September 28 release.

“Mockingbird” flies

Bryan Bertino (“The Strangers”) is directing the thriller,about a couple who receives a video camera and a document containing specific instructions, which if they are not followed will result in someone’s death. Jason Blum (“Paranormal Activity”) is producing (Shock Til You Drop)

“X-Men” sequel retains Vaughn, Cast

Forget those Josh Trank rumours; Matthew Vaughn will direct the “X-Men : First Class” sequel for Fox. Deals have also been brokered for the original cast, including Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence, to return. (The Hollywood Reporter)

“Departed” actress joins Fleetwood Mac

Vera Farmiga (“The Departed”, “Up in the Air”, “Source Code”) will play Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie in “The Drummer”, the Dennis ‘Beach Boys’ Wilson biopic starring Aaron Eckhart. (The Hollywood Reporter)

“Hunger Games 2” may shoot in Jurassic Park

“Catching Fire”, the sure-thing “Hunger Games” sequel, could shoot in Hawaii. Maybe. The film, which will reunite director Gary Ross with his cast, will see Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) become somewhat of a leader; Ross says he’s looking forward to telling that chapter of the story. “I love the title Catching Fire because from the moment Katniss was willing to eat the berries, the moment she was willing to give her life for something larger than herself, she set off a chain reaction that was at once bigger than her and also because of her. That’s a very exciting movie to make because you’re seeing the emergence of a leader. It’s the birth of a revolution so it has context that’s larger than just the Games themselves.”

Torres writing “Ben 10” movie

Albert Torres (“Henry Poole is Here”) is scripting the live-action “Ben 10” movie for Joel Silver. Though a director hasn’t been set yet it’s believed the project will likely landed at Warner, since that’s where most of Silver’s output usually ends up. (Variety)

Cooper, Lawrence set for “Serena”

The feature film adaptation of Ron Rash’s 1930’s set novel has attracted the interest of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Says Vulture, “[film] takes place in 1929 North Carolina, where young newlyweds George and Serena Pemberton move to build a timber empire. Their ambition is all-consuming and dangerous — neither is afraid to kill or destroy anyone who opposes them — but they’re turned against each other when Serena finds she can’t bear children and then launches a deadly vendetta against her husband’s illegitimate son. It’ll be a juicy role akin to Lady Macbeth for Lawrence, who’s got The Hunger Games coming out this March; indeed, Angelina Jolie once flirted with making Serena with director Darren Aronofsky. Instead, Academy Award winner Susanne Bier (In a Better World) will direct, and shooting is set to begin soon.” Cooper and Lawrence recently worked together on the feature film adaptation of “The Silver Linings Playbook”.

Kasinski talks Van Sant project

Over at Collider, Actor/writer John Kasinski talks about the project he and Matt Damon were going to work on together before scheduling issues prevented Damon from directing the pic and Gus Van Sant was brought in to replace him.

Exclusive : Neeson already the top choice for Kersey in “Death Wish” remake?

Aaaaaand finally, Liam Neeson, we’re told, is indeed the frontrunner to play Paul Kersey, the role made famous by Charles Bronson in the (never-ending series of) “Death Wish” films in the Joe Carnahan written/directed remake (announced yesterday). No big surprise, considering his involvement helped Joe Carnahan win over the box-office this weekend with “The Grey”. Project is still a long ways off though, with the screenplay still not complete.