Warner offer Harry Potter duo Head


First things first, this news item comes from Deadline. And we will be giving Deadline the credit. We will even link to their article.

That’s the right thing to do.

But before we underline text blue and capitalize website names, let’s go back to the classroom.

Consider this an education, Nikki.

What happens here on the web is : If someone gets a scoop or an exclusive bit of news or gossip  – as we did yesterday when we posted the ‘Noyce does Americana‘ item – other sites mentioning that same news give credit to the base said scoop originated from.

Regrettably but not surprisingly (it happens a lot over there; by contrast, Hollywood Reporter and Variety near always give credit now. Much respect) Deadline ran the same bit of news today – that Phillip Noyce is doing the pilot for “Americana” – but not only failed to acknowledge the source, but whacked a giant EXCLUSIVE on it too.

As you can see by clicking on both stories, our story on Noyce’s anointment to the ABC pilot was published about eight hours or so before theirs.

Even when the site was contacted about it, there was no response. Communication is Comatose. And don’t even bother leaving a comment in their comments section underneath the news item, they won’t allow it to be posted – not something as negative as that. So, we have to just take it on the chin and let Deadline pull in the traffic and snag credit.

What blows about this is that Deadline are the ones making the big bucks, have the studios and agents in their pocket (I seriously doubt many of the bigwigs supporting the site realize that half the things the site runs are likely lifted from other sources or outlets without acknowledgement) and get all their attention…while we independent movie sites work for our scoops and try to exist on the closeted inbred cousin rate of a grand a month or so.  Oh well..

I could be a ear-steamed gloved-up foo fighter and set the guns onto them further, but I won’t. I’ll just do the right thing and continue crediting them for their scoops.  As Spike Lee will attest, sometimes it’s advisable to Do the Right Thing.

And onto the story (climbs down from soapbox)…

Warner Bros look to retain the services of “Harry Potter” alums David Yates and Emma Watson for the film adaptation of another best-selling novel, “Your Voice in My Head”.

Deadline says “Head”, based on the memoirs of Emma Forrest, would see Watson (Hermoine from the “Harry Potter” films) play “the role of a young woman who attempts suicide before being saved by a New York-based psychiatrist who’s dying of cancer.”

Heavy-going stuff for young Watson, but scuttlebutt suggests there’s some bonafide talent there so not surprised Robinov’s crowd want to snap her up. Again.

The British wallflower likely won’t be headlining the picture though, WB want a big-name co-star for the shrink – names like Tom Hanks and George Clooney are on their wish list (Personally, I’d like to see Alan Rickman get the gig – c’mon!, make it a real “Potter” reunion!)

Yates, who directed the past four “Harry Potter” films for Warner, was someone the studio wanted to get back into bed with. He was offered “Imitation Game”, true story of mathematician Alan Turing , but didn’t go for it (instead Bryan Singer and actor-cum-director Ralph Fiennes are taking a look at that one) – but Yates, er, likes “Head”.

And if I had the time between blood-pressure checks I’d totally rewrite that last sentence.