Hugh Grant refuses to do Bridget Jones 3 until the script’s on par with Did You Hear About the Morgans?


Quite frankly, I don’t know why Colin Firth or, to a lesser extent, Hugh Grant would even want to do another “Bridget Jones” movie. Both are doing quite Okay without having to whip the ol’ sequel pony again – particularly Firth, who has been hotter than heck since winning that Oscar for “Kings Speech”. One can only assume, especially with these rumours of script issues, that money has talked or Renee Zellweger gives good back-rubs.

Whatever the case, Firth, Grant and Zellwacky are doing the third, “Bridget Jones’s Baby”. Or they will be, once production resumes.

THR’s suggesting that Hugh Grant – a man who was this close to signing on to replace Charlie Sheen on “Two and-a-Half Men” – has walked from the project because of script issues. Having been involved in such wordsmithy wonders as “American Dreamz”, “Music & Lyrics” and “Two Weeks Notice”, it’s already clear Grant demands the best from his scripts, right? Heh. Deadline‘s insider says “Bullshit” to the rumours and while I’m not known to side with that particular story-thieving website, I do this time. C’mon! The man who quite happily made the god-awful “Did You Hear About the Morgans?” – a film widely regarded to have contributed to these natural disasters we’ve had in recent years – says he’s not doing “Bridget Jones’s Baby” until the script meets his standards? Ha!

I can’t imagine the script being too bad, actually – not with David Nicholls on scripting duties. He’s written some of the best episodes of TV’s “Cold Feet”, as well as such minor cinematic gems as “Starter for 10” and “When Did You Last See Your Father?”. His script for Mike Newell’s “Great Expectations” is apparently solid, too.

“Bridget Jones’s Baby” is being directed by Peter Cattaneo (standing in for original first choice, Paul Feig).

And yes, it’ll happen – or we’ll all feel the wrath of Ms Zellwacky amd her over-caffeinated diatribes.