Stallone and Schwarzenegger hold hands as they enter The Tomb!


If this were 1986, most of us testosterone-pumping male things would be jumping hurdles like an athlete after hearing this news : Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are set to team-up on a new prison drama called “The Tomb”.

Heck, who am I kidding… I’m damp. I want this movie like a want a choca-bloc sandwich at 1am in the morning!

The movie, to be directed by “1408” director Mikael Hafstrom and financed by Emmett/Furla (*Groan*), teams the two biggest action stars of the ’80s as prisoners looking to Shawshank themselves out of the place. Stallone plays the prison designer who, upon finding himself in the slammer for a murder he didn’t commit (not unfamiliar territory for Sly; he also ended up in jail on trumped-up charges in both ”Lock-Up” and ”Tango & Cash”), must use his brain and blueprint to escape. Schwarzenegger plays an inmate, a guy with a heart of gold who tries to make out he’s tough by fighting all the time, who befriends Stallone’s character – – and no doubt helps him escape or escapes along with him (suppose they won’t be missed, they are, after all, Expendable – – sorry!).

”The Tomb”, a film which also landed on Bruce Willis’s radar at one point, will film in Louisiana (read : tax incentives) this Spring.