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Gibson on Beserker, Mad Max Fury Road

Though he lost Leonardo Di Caprio (over the actor cum director’s uneasy remarks) , Mel Gibson says he’s still determined to get his big Viking movie ”Beserker ” (sounds like a bloody video game!) to the big screen.

Gibson was speaking at the American Cinematheque in L.A when he revealed that the long-gestating project is still on.

The L.A Times have the video of the conversation; The Playlist have a transcript.

“..things begin and people wander off and do their thing and I do my thing”, Gibson said in response to Di Caprio’s exit from the picture.” I just took my stuff and wrote it with Randall [Wallace]. Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess.”

Gibson says the rogues of the sea are a people he’s really into exploring.

“Vikings, as you know, are very unsympathetic characters and these guys will be bad”, says Gibson, saying he and Randall Wallace are working on the second draft of the script.

The “Get the Gringo” star says these Vikings won’t like as they did in the old ’50s Pirates movies either. For starters, no horns.

“They did not have horns. No, I don’t think they had horns. They’re going to look real.” He continued, “They’re not going to be running around like the ’50s, I want to make something real and visceral.”

As for ”Mad Max Fury Road”, Gibson confirmed that he’s not involved, even though the storyline of it is the same as a fourth Mad Max he was going to do with George Miller in the early ’00s. He’s not sad he’s been replaced as Max, in fact, he even gave Tom Hardy his blessing.

“I like that kid [George’s] got, Tom Hardy. He’s a very interesting actor. He reminds me of one my sons a bit but I had lunch with him, he’s a firecracker. It’ll be good. He was already cast [at the time], he just wanted to check in. I don’t know, maybe it was like ‘Is it okay?’ I was like ‘Sure, it’s fine. Have a ball, knock yourself out. I got better things to do.”

Gibbo’s latest, “Get the Gringo” is going direct-to-video-on-demand in May.

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