Say what!? They’re remaking Hitchcock’s Rebecca!?


We gotta be happy that Gus Van Sant never got around to remaking “Psycho” a second time – I shit you not, he wanted to remake the 60’s classic.. again; instead of a straight-up shot-for-shot redo though, he wanted to do a ‘punk’ version of the story, frighteningly hilarious no!? – but still, we’re never going to be completely safe from unnecessary Hitchcock remakes.
As such as is the case today with news stemming from Variety that “Rebecca”, Al’s ’40s classic and best film snagger starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine, is getting the remake treatment over at Working Title. To assure us they mean business, and haven’t simply snagged the rights to show off, the shingle have hired Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises”) to write the screenplay.

There hasn’t been a decent remake of a Hitchcock movie yet (aside from 1998’s “Psycho”, there have also been loose remakes of “Dial M for Murder” and “Rear Window”), will this one break the trend?