Dracula Year Zero rises again at Universal


A day after Alex Proyas was forced to clean out his desk drawers on the “Paradise Lost” set, the Aussie filmmaker gets some more gloomy intelligence.

A film Proyas tried desperately hard to get up a couple of years ago, an ambitious horror science-fiction piece starring Sam Worthington, has been resurrected – and by the same studio that closed the coffin on it originally.

According to Deadline, Universal’s “Dracula Year Zero”, which Proyas had worked hard on prepping before financiers pulled the plug on the budget-escalating project, is getting back up with Gary Shore directing. Neither Proyas or Sam Worthington – who was originally attached to play a young Vlad the Impaler – have been asked back.

A new screenplay by Matt Sazama & Burk Sharpless apparently contributed to the film’s effortless resuscitation.