Jonny Lee Miller to star as Sherlock Holmes on CBS’s Elementary


“Trainspotting” star Jonny Lee Miller will play 221B’s most famous tenant in a U.S rip-off remake of the BBC’s “Sherlock”, says Deadlline.

“Elementary”, set up with CBS, sees Sherlock Holmes on the beat in New York City – lots of dead hooker cases, drug-deals-gone-wrong scenarios, and TGI’s fork-in-eye incidents for him to work on there, ya see – and like the offshore version, will be set in the modern-day.

Guess it’ll do well?

Did you know Miller shared the stage with “Sherlock”, er, Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch in Danny Boyle’s “Frankenstein”? Secondly, did you know they both played Frankenstein!? Wonder if the two still chat.