Quick News – Feb 16, 2012


Former “Lost” star Terry O’Quinn – recently guesting on “Hawaii Five-O” – will star in the Supernatural pilot “666 Park Avenue” for ABC. ”Based on the Alloy book series by Gabriella Pierce, the project centers on a young couple who accept an offer to manage one of the most historic apartment buildings in New York City. Unwittingly, they begin to experience supernatural occurrences, which complicate and endanger the lives of everyone in the building. O’Quinn will play Gavin, the building’s owner.” (Deadline)

Warner Bros has announced a couple of new additions to their release schedule. “Chernobly Diaries”, a horror movie from “Paranormal Activity” helmer Oren Peli, is opening May 25, 2012; “Beautiful Creatures”, the supernatural love story starring Viola Davis and Emma Thompson, opens Feb 1, 2013.

“Rescue Me” star Steven Pasquale will star in NBC’s “Do Not Harm”, a medical drama about a neurosurgeon who wrestles with his alter-ego. (THR)

NBC has ordered “Hannibal”, a “Silence of the Lambs” prequel fixing on the relationship between agent Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter, straight to series. 13 episodes will make up the show’s first season. (Deadline)

Ali Larter (“Heroes”) will star in Josh ‘The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ Friedman’s new series “The Asset” for FOX. The pilot “centers on Anna King (Larter), a photojournalist well known for her photographs of “hot spots” around the world, but that is only a cover for her real job for the CIA as a globe-trotting “Human Intel Specialist.”” Neil Burger (“The Illusionist”) is directing the pilot. (Deadline)

Aussie actress Nicky Whelan (“Neighbours”, “Hall Pass”) has snagged the second female lead in NBC’s multicamera comedy pilot ”Daddy’s Girls'”. The show centers on “Pen (Christine Woods), a responsible, guarded, brilliant but emotionally challenged Harvard Medical School graduate who just returned from a stint with Doctors Without Borders to discover that her beloved dentist dad, Robert, has become engaged to Pen’s high school classmate Holly (Whelan) – a 29-year-old bubbly blonde who happens to be the “mean girl” in high school.” (Deadline)

Kal Penn (“Harold and Kumar”) will star in “Prairie Dogs”, an ABC comedy pilot about “Neil (Penn), an uncool cubicle worker aka “prairie dog” at one of the coolest companies in the world who becomes the victim of identity theft. When he discovers the thief has created a much more fulfilling life with his identity than he ever has, he engages the charismatic conman to help him change his life.” (Deadline)

Former “Melrose Place” (2.0) star Katie Cassidy is returning to The CW for “Arrow”, the net’s take on the ‘Green Arrow’ comic book series. Cassidy will play Laurel, a young legal clinic attorney who shares a romantic past with Oliver Queen. (Deadline)

Michael Stahl-David and Zoe Kazan are doing the Joss Whedon written/produced “In Your Eyes”, which Brin Hill will direct. The film “is a described as a metaphysical love story about two seemingly polar opposites who are deeply connected in ways neither could have ever imagined. Stahl-David stars as Dylan, a boyish-looking man who served time in jail for robbery when he refused to rat on his accomplices. Now, he is living in a trailer in New Mexico. Kazan stars as Rebecca, an attractive but skinny and slightly awkward woman, who is married to an older doctor and living in Connecticut. The two have a powerful connection, and they can hear and see each other, even though they have never met. The film will start production soon in Los Angeles and New Hampshire.” (Deadline)

Paget Brewster is leaving TV’s “Criminal Minds”. (Deadline).

“Smallville” alum Michael Rosenbaum will make his directorial debut on “Old Days”, which follows “Jim Owens (Rosenbaum), a discouraged actor who returns home to Indiana for his 15th high school reunion. There he gets into mischief with his friends and falls for his high school sweetheart (Morena Baccarin).” (Deadline)

“Community” star Gillian Jacobs has booked a role in the new Steve Carell/Jim Carrey comedy “Burt Wonderstone” (THR)

Facebook are renting out even more movies, including Stuart Beattie’s “Tomorrow When The War Began” – which is day-and-date with the film’s U.S release (THR)

New photos from the set of “Welcome to the Jungle” show Jean-Claude Van Damme donning a Tom Selleck-esque mustache and some Elvis-esque sideburns. Van Damme’s playing a nutty teambuilding coach who is mauled by a wild cougar. (Just Jared)

There’s yet another “Snow White” movie on the way, the horror flick “Snow White : A Deadly Summer” sees the fairytale maiden kidnapped by seven masked strangers; over the coming days her captors are killed off one-by-one and it’s up to Snow to figure out who is responsible. The cast includes Eric Roberts, Maureen McCormick and Shanley Caswell.

Jonathan Hock will direct a biopic on Gridiron legend Jim Brown. (Deadline)

The sequel to “Waiting to Exhale”, which the late Whitney Houston was to reprise her role from the 1995 film in, is still going ahead despite the musician/actress’ recent death. (Vulture)

Oprah Winfrey has been offered a chance to return to acting with a role in Lee Daniels’ “The Butler”, the story of “Eugene Allen, a black man who worked as butler in the White House, serving eight presidents from 1952 to 1986” (THR)

An International Trailer for “The Amazing Spider-Man” landed online today :