I Am Legend 2 is a go with Will Smith


Umpteen years after it was first announced, that “I Am Legend” follow-up is inching a bit closer.

THR says newcomer Arash Amel has been tapped to write the sequel to the 2007 hit, with Will Smith back onboard as both star and producer. Akiva Goldmsan, that hack that fucked the ‘Batman’ franchise before ruining Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code” series with his awful screenplay adaptations, is producing.

As the trade states, It’s unclear how Smith’s character Robert Neville, the last surviving human in a New York overtaken by zombies, will figure into the story considering his character…. well, you know. Maybe he’s playing Rob’s twin brother, Bob?

Interesting that, all of a sudden, Smith’s so gung-ho for sequels – when he seemed to shy away from them for such a long time. I mean, the actor’s next flick is the unnecessary cash-cow “Men in Black III”, he’s also producing a sequel to “The Karate Kid” starring son Jaden, and he and Pete Berg are tinkering away on a “Hancock” sequel. Oh, and there’s those “Independence Day 2” and “Bad Boys 3” rumours. Has Smith simply come to the conclusion that money’s more important than merit these days? Or is simply caving in and accepting Hollywood’s tendency to only want to make sequels, films based on games and so on, that have a built-in audience? And if so, can we please get a ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ movie!?