Mary-Louise Parker following up Weeds‘ final season with Jamesy Boy


Mary-Louise Parker, so good in “Weeds” but usually pretty solid across-the-board (in “Grand Canyon”, “West Wing”, “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe”), is joining Ving Rhames and James Woods in “Jamesy Boy”, the feature debut of director/co-writer Trevor White.

Deadline says the flick tells of a youngster who goes from being in a street gang to a maximum-security prison where he’s, of course, surrounded by even tougher dudes. In prison, ‘James’ befriends a convicted murderer who ultimately helps change the course of his life.

I remember Edward James Olmos was associated with this film at one stage, but no mention of his name in the article, whatever the case filming is set to begin March 4 in Baltimore.