Jeffrey Dean Morgan on whether or not he’d return for Watchmen 2


A couple of years ago, when I spoke to “Watchmen” star Jeffrey Dean Morgan about Zack Snyder’s film adaptation of the popular graphic novel, he said he wouldn’t be too interested in doing a sequel or prequel to the 2009 film, and while that still stands, he is more open to the idea nowadays.

Originally, Morgan said he wouldn’t want to do a follow-up to “Watchmen” because creator Alan Moore wouldn’t be involved. He also said Snyder would have to be behind the film.

“It’d have to be a prequel. But I’d say unless [comic book writer] Alan Moore says he’s gonna write something, we’ll never see Watchmen 2,” he added.

As it turns out, Moore (or co-creator Dave Gibbons) isn’t involved in the new series of “Watchmen” novels that DC are releasing but the fact that the company are doing follow-ups suggest that the ‘another film?’ question will come up sometime in the future.

Morgan, more open to hearing the studio’s suggestions now (as you would be after his recent succession of duds, like “The Resident”), says he’d still be wary of such a project but hints that his arm is easily twisted.

Morgan tells the IFC :

It would have to be the right people involved. I would like Dave Gibbons, the creator of the [comic], to be behind it. I’d love to work with Zack again. But we always said when we did ‘Watchmen’ it was a one off. There’s no way there can be a prequel so I don’t know. It makes me nervous that they’re even talking about it.

If there was a way [Warner Bros] could squeeze a movie out of it they’d probably try to find a way. I don’t know honestly if they’d recast but since I play the Comedian from 18 to his demise at 60 I guess I would fit in there somewhere.

So I’ll pose the question to you, should Warner do more “Watchmen” movies? And if so, is Morgan the man to reprise The Comedian?