Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill & James Franco team for True Story


On the red carpet at the Oscars yesterday, Jonah Hill mentioned that his “Moneyball” co-star Brad Pitt had become more than just a mate and inspiration to him, he was also now ‘guiding his career’.

Not surprising then to read today that Hill’s about to make another movie with his newly adopted-mentor, Pitt.

Toldja! is reporting that Hill, Pitt and James Franco are teaming for a the Rupert Goold-directed adaptation of Michael Finkley’s memoir “True Story”.

Like Moneyball, this is another opportunity for Hill to veer from his comic persona. He will play Finkel, who was a writer at The New York Times Magazine in 2002 when he learned that Christian Longo was captured in Mexico after a long stint on the FBI Ten Most Wanted List for killing his family. The strange part was that he had been living under the identity of Finkel. The very next day, the real Finkel was fired by the editors of The Times, right after they ran an editor’s note declaring that he had falsified parts of an investigative article. His career seemed over, until Longo (who’ll be played by Franco) declared that the real Finkel was the only journalist he would talk to. That led to a surreal relationship with the accused murderer, who was trying to declare his innocence. For the real Finkel, it was an opportunity to unravel the mystery and perhaps redeem himself as a journalist.

The project had originally been set up at Paramount but Brad Pitt’s Plan B Productions recently secured it back.