Mad Max Fury Road Updates : New Vehicle Pic, 18 Locations chosen


‘Bout time we saw some post-apocalyptic get-about contraptions again.

There’s a picture in the Afrikaan-language newspaper Republikein, the Google translation of which follows below, of a car being used for the upcoming “Mad Max Fury Road”. The George Miller directed pic is, of course, filming in South Africa.

The article below refers to the amount of people lining up to get work on the movie, as well as some of the filming locations chosen for the movie including Cape Cross, The Goanikones and the dunes of the Dorob National Park.

Monster Wheels for Max’s racetrack

(excuse translation – it’s a little hard to understand)
“Every day a woman came over with a bucket and a bowl. Got the day a little something in the back pocket to buy it. Or a few of us make a charge, buy wetland waste operations at a nearby slaughter house and the previous day’s old Brötchen at major retailers around the corner. So we are waiting.”

This sounds like an alternative script for the movie Mad Max 4 until after the winter in the Namib, in particular Dorobpark, will be filmed. The story by dozens of people in line for the old municipal building of Swakopmund sketched. Some of them have been waiting longer than two weeks. It just a temporary lifting for the fliekmakers get.

They tell almost all the job seekers an eye to the transport component of the Mad Max 4. Some of them have their own trucks, minibuses and other vehicles that they want to hire. Others again have licenses for the transport of normal cars, but even heavy cargo carriers. “We have the papers,” one claimed.

In the same breath, there is also a favoritism by the employer hinted. So there is no such order in the ranks of hopeful candidates. From inside the building, the voice who stood next word to be. From the people who are called, are way down in the back row, one man said that these days has a turn wait.

About ablutions are claiming a “small cubicle” is for the rystaners on the premises of the old municipal building constructed. Almost across the board is denying that they are waiting as byspelers be taken up. “No, extras turn comes later. Then you see the crowd. What you see here is nothing. ”

About the woman with the bucket and the bucket was told that she cooked potatoes with a sauce and vetkoek the people in line sale. The bucket is again a traditional cocktail of fruit and milk. “Not Tombo not.”

An allegation that Mad Max 4 basically at three locations to be filmed, was greeted with fierce denials. It’s not just the environment of Cape Cross, Goanikontes and behind the dune bank between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay not. “It’s rather 18 different places,” a woman said. “Do you think the film quite a racetrack in the desert to build the scenes filmed?”

Then they wait on.

“Mad Max Fury Road” is due to film within the next couple of months, with Tom Hardy in the driver’s seat as Max.

Thanks to ‘David’