What is Mad Max’s Gigahorse, and would you like to see it!?


With production now gearing up for the new “Mad Max” movie in Nambia, no surprise to see quite a few set pics leaking (though they’re largely of the vehicles – considering there’s about a hundred of them and a dozen core castmembers they have got the photo monopoly won though) and some new bits and pieces popping up in offshore newspapers about the film’s production.

‘David’ has sent in this pic of what’s called the ‘Gigahorse’ – said to be the hero’s car. Now if it’s the ‘hero’s car’ that means it’s Mad Max’s new ride, right? Yeah, most likely, but let’s not forget that Charlize Theron’s character – ‘Furiosa’ – is also supposed to be somewhat of a kick-ass protagonist in the film, so it is possible this is what she’s getting about in. But since the word ‘hero’, as opposed to ‘heroine’, is being used, let’s just until we hear otherwise this is his not hers. And if she wants a spin, he can lend her the keys.

This photo was apparently taken in Nambia.

In an October 2010 issue of Street Machine magazine (in which the illustration below was published), the ‘Gigahorse’ was said to have been designed using two ’59 caddy bodies and two blown V8s, with the engines coupled by a tractor pull-style planetary coupling and dumptruck-type 4WD diffs.

“Mad Max Fury Road” is written and directed by George Miller and stars Tom Hardy as Max, Charlize Theron as ‘Furiosa’, and Nicholas Hoult as ‘Nux’. Zoe Kravitz, Adelaide Clemens and Richard Norton are also onboard.