Zachary Quinto returns for the second season of American Horror Story


So we know that Jessica Lange is returning for the second season of “American Horror Story” and we also know the next season will encompass a different storyline, location and characters (even Lange is playing a different character; she played the wacky ‘Constance’ in the first season). But can we expect any other carry-over’s from the first season?

Yep, one Zachary Quinto.

Quinto, who played Chad on the first season, will play one of the two male leads in the FX series’ second season. The show’s setting has been moved from a haunted house to an insane asylum, where the “Star Trek” star will play a nemesis to Lange’s new character.

Deadline, who revealed the news of Quinto’s casting, says three other actors from the show’s first season are also expected to reunite with creator Ryan Murphy on the new season.