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Just In : Walter Hill provides us with a statement on Bullet to the Head‘s editing situation

A couple of days ago word hit the net that Sylvester Stallone had taken over from director Walter Hill on editing “Bullet in the Head”, the action film from the muscles and the maverick that was originally due out April (but has since been pushed back).

Not that Sly editing the film would’ve been a bad thing, he’s actually pretty nifty with the Steenbeck, but it’s just not true. Sly is not editing “Bullet in the Head”, the job is still Walter Hill’s – as the filmmaker tells us in the following email :

I’m currently finishing up and locking reels on the movie — as to the content and style of the film, Sly and I are in perfect sync. I’m delighted with the way the film is turning out and hopefully so will the audience.

So seems the film’s postponement till later in the year is simply due to the fact that Hill – not Sly – is still working on the edit. Good thinking pushing it back, one would hate to turn up at the cinema on opening day only to be informed “Sorry guys, the film isn’t ready yet… but in its place we have the Stallone classic ‘Rhinestone’ to show you.”


When Sylvester Stallone starrer “Bullet to the Head” was removed from Warner’s release schedule a couple of weeks back (it was originally due for release in April) many jumped-the-gun by pronouncing the film Sly’s contemporary follow-up to “Avenging Angelo”. Seems that’s not the case at all. With Stallone as hands on with the script as he has been, no surprise to hear that he’s actually working on his own edit of the film.

Twitchfilm broke the news of Sly’s anointment as editor, adding that it’s likely this is the final cut of the movie that the big guy is working on. In addition, Warners are now looking at releasing the film in November – which gives Sly enough time to fulfill his “Expendables 2” promo duties while emphasizing the kills, muscles and quick-quips of “Bullet”.

Directed by action veteran Walter Hill (“Red Heat”, “48 Hours”), “Bullet to the Head” tells of a veteran hitman (Stallone) who teams with a cop (Sung Kang) to take down a common enemy.

The script – albeit the version I read was before Joel Silver joined the production in a producing capacity and switched co-star Thomas Jane for Sung Kang – is actually very decent. It’s a throwback to the ’80s actioners – in fact, it’s a nice companion piece to Hill’s own “Red Heat”. I’m fairly confident this is going to be the Stallone film fans have been salivating for since he reemerged on the market.

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