Breaking : Fox axes Spielberg’s Terra Nova


The swing-happy axe at Fox has taken out it’s electricity bill problems on another series.

The network responsible for burying alive such gems as “Firefly” and “Lie to Me”, has confirmed with us that they’ve indeed canceled fan-fave “Terra Nova”.

Cast and crew of the Aus-filmed science-fictioner have been advised that a second season of the series would not be going ahead – largely due to the combination of middling ratings and the high costs associated with producing the show.

Though rumour had it that Fox cancelled the long-running “House” (which, lets admit it, has been on life-support for a while now) in order to accumulate more pennies to continue producing Steven Spielberg’s prehistoric-era actioner, “Terra Nova” still couldn’t escape the chopping block. Seems even bad effects cost a packet.

Most of the show’s cast, including Stephen Lang and Jay Ryan (who has snagged the hairy role in The CW’s new “Beauty & the Beast”), have already booked new gigs. And Hollywood is quietly confident that young Mr Spielberg will also bounce back.

“Terra Nova” star Lang appeared on our podcast over the Christmas break and touched upon the show’s prospective renewal. Lang, promoting his role in “” at the time, said if the show wasn’t so expensive to make, the network would definitely have no problems with renewing it. As such, he didn’t know what was going to happen…. or did he!?

What I’m hearing is that various other networks, including TNT and SyFy, have been approached by the show’s producers to possibly inherit the series from Fox. If the network agrees to take on the show’s second season, then it might pose a problem for those actors that have since found other work – though I guess there’s always a way around these things, and tell me Tom Sizemore’s not going to appreciate the work (Not that he’d be the one to replace Lang; it’s just a suggestion – albeit a much more affordable one). Quite a few other shows have been resurrected by way of swapping networks – “Buffy” moved to UPN when The CW axed it, NBC’s “Southland” found a new home on TNT, and to cite an example from back in my day, “Charles in Charge” was cancelled after only one season on CBS to find a new lease on life with first-run syndication (where Willie Aames would crack funnies for a further three years).

More “Terra Nova” updates as they come in.