Taylor Kitsch wants to reprise Gambit for solo film


Speaking to The Herald-Sun’s PLAY Liftout, “John Carter” star Taylor Kitsch said he’d be keen to reprise the role of ‘Gambit’ if Marvel would agree to finance a spin-off movie.

Kitsch, confirming that he won’t be reprising his “X-Men Origins : Wolverine” role for the upcoming sequel, said he would love to play Remy LeBeau again in some sort of a reboot.

“But I’d like it to be done right. I’d like to go real dark with him”, Kitsch says.

If it happens, the ‘Gambit’ movie won’t be the first to feature both an actor and character that featured in “X-Men Origins : Wolverine”, Ryan Reynolds is set to reprise ‘Deadpool’ for a film that will share no link to “Wolverine” but the actor and character.