Christopher Atkins returns to The Blue Lagoon


It’s not known whether he’s going to play the poisonous berries or the loin cloth but Christopher Atkins, star of the original 1980 “Blue Lagoon”, is returning to do a cameo in Lifetime’s telemovie remake.

Atkins and Denise Richards are the latest two actors to board the small-screen redo of the coming-of-age drama, this incarnation starring Australian actors Indiana Evans and Brenton Thwaite as the marooned youngsters played by Atkins and Brooke Shields in the first pic.

Deadline says the former Mrs Charlie Sheen, Richards (“Starship Troopers”, “Wild Things”) will play ”Barbara Petersen, a successful and devoted mom who tirelessly searches for her daughter”, but have no details on who Atkins will appear as.