Boxleitner : Tron 3 to get underway in 2014


‘The Scarecrow’ himself (I keep forgetting not everybody reading is as old as me) Bruce Boxleitner seems pretty keen for another go-around as monitor muffin, Tron. Not surprising, I guess – and no offense to Boxleitner, he’s one of the greats – what with SyFy movies not as rewarding as Debbie Gibson claims them to be. In short, “TRON Legacy” put Boxleitner back up there on the big screen – where he belongs. And he’s hungry for more.

There’s been on-off talk of another “TRON” movie since the last left theaters, but nobody quite knows what’s going on there. If “TRON Legacy” had been a stellar hit, it’d be a no-brainer that a third would be on the way, but that film’s lackluster takings can only scratch up some guestimates and rumours(though I do believe David DiGilio was writing a script for one at one stage) when it comes to another sequel.

Still, Boxleitner seems confident we will see the insides of a game again.

Speaking to I am Rogue, the veteran actor – who plays both Tron and Alan in the “Tron” films – says we can likely expect a “Tron 3” to get underway sometime 2014.

The actor says “[Is] in the works…Anything could happen, but all I can say is, it’s in its formative stages. [Joseph] Kosinski, who is slated for it, he’s shooting another movie now, and then they’ll get around to doing that. I think somewhere around 2014, maybe. I’m talking way out of school here, but they can’t shoot me because I’m Tron.”

Kosinski is of course shooting “Oblivion”, the fat-priced Tom Cruise blockbuster; if that films a hit, it might help the “Tron 3” cause – particularly if Kosinski’s determined to get it done too.

If “Tron 3” does happen, it’ll ideally happen with Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund also reprising their roles from “Legacy”. (Oh, and hopefully they find room for Cindy Morgan and David Warner in the next one too; they were sadly missed from the previous flick).

Meanwhile, Boxleitner lends his lungs to the new “TRON : Uprising” animated series, a show he says is “every bit as good as the movies”.

Oh, and by the way… younglings… this is what I was referring to with the ‘Scarecrow’ thing :