The verdict on The Hunger Games is in! What say thee!?


Surge in underwear and mop sales today with reviews for “The Hunger Games” – that being the Gary Ross directed film adaptation of the Suzanne Collins hardcover, not the Jamie Oliver VHS set you bought your ma for Christmas that year – starting to trickle onto the social networks and websites.

The flick, tracking bigger than “The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn” (and apparently, “Breaking Wind Part 1” too – – hells bells, please don’t make me watch another ten minutes of that boss, please!?), was screened for interviewing critics over the past week. The word? Better than Breakfast.

Firstly, MTV were at tonight’s Premiere for the film. Check out some vox-pops (Are they the icy-poles I use to eat as a kid? Whatever…) from the Hunger Carpet.

Here’s what some of my online colleagues are saying :

Todd Gilchrist says : “I’m getting in line behind my colleagues to say that The Hunger Games is terrific- thoughtful, thrilling, well-acted & emotionally engaging.”

Alex Billington says : “I have visited The Hunger Games. And they were awesome. I think I loved the movie, as good as the book. Had a LOTR-epic feeling by the end.”

Shock Till You Drop News says : “I can now tell you…I have not seen Hunger Games, but colleagues are saying it’s good stuff.”

Silas Lesnick says “I can now tell you all that I’ve seen — and really loved — THE HUNGER GAMES. It’s not just a great adaptation. It’s a new sci-fi classic.”

Jennie Runevitch says : “Loved Hunger Games too!”

Jeremy Smith says : “Completely surprised by THE HUNGER GAMES. Loved it. Dark, exciting, ambiguous sci-fi allegory. Another amazing performance from J. Lawrence.”

Eric from IGN : “The Hunger Games: Jennifer Lawrence is terrific. She totally grounds the film and invests you in Katniss. Looking forward to seeing again!”

Jen Yamato says : “Oh, right: I can now say that I loved THE HUNGER GAMES. Captured what I loved in the books, J. Law and cast solid, am now on Team Hutcherson”

Drew at HitFix says : “Apparently I can now tell you that “The Hunger Games” is pretty great. Apparently.”

Damn impressive. Some of those critics are hard to please, so looks like fans are in for a tasty treat of deliciously satisfying tucker with “The Hunger Games”!

Oh, just one question : Are fucking great “Hunger Games” collectibles called Effie Trinkets!? Okay, bad gag, no sleep last night…. back to my beanbag of squishiness.