Bret Easton Ellis writing American Psycho sequel


“American Psycho” author Bret Easton Ellis tells his Twitter followers that he’s been toying with the idea of writing the sequel.

“Sitting at my desk finishing a script and suddenly I’m making notes on where Patrick Bateman’s now”, says Ellis. “Maybe I’ll call my publishers on Monday … But have to figure out what the structure is … Definitely murders at prep school… If this American Psycho sequel pans out I’d get in touch with my agent first but will have to spend the weekend seeing if it works.”

Ellis said he would have Bateman be a hedge-fund manager working in Los Angeles in the sequel. He’s already dreamt up possible scenarios involving Chris Martin from Coldplay and David Beckham.
He would have a “very long dissertation about Coldplay’s oeuvre … His favourite song being Fix You.” A later scene would see “Chris Martin and Patrick Bateman eat waffles and talk about how cool St Vincent is … and then Patrick slits his throat”.

Bateman would be into “Hostel”, “Chicago” and Kirk Cameron (!) but hates the TV show “Dexter” because they stole his name.

“Patrick’s first killing would not have been at Harvard. It would have been before … it would have been his father’s mistress,” suggested Easton Ellis. The novel’s antihero would “post pics of murdered girls on Facebook and either no one would notice or post ‘Fuck yeah'”.

Could this work?