Eddie Murphy to play Schwarzenegger & DeVito’s brother in Twins sequel!


I believe it was What’s Playing that originally had the scoop on a possible “Twins” sequel, reuniting Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. If I recall correctly, it was something Universal had been toying with and though they’d hoped to entice Arn and Dan back to the sibling pool, it was merely an idea.

Then a couple of weeks back, while out promoting his role in “The Lorax”, Danny DeVito addressed those “Twins 2” rumours.

“Yes, I would do it with Arnold. We would figure something out. The story has to be right, but I’ve always thought we should do something [and] work together again”. (Collider)

Well, seems within the space of, like, two weeks something has happened on the “Twins 2” front.

The Hollywood Reporter says “Twins 2 : Triplets” is in the works – and with Eddie Murphy attached to play Schwarzenegger and DeVito’s newly-discovered brother!

“Triplets”, which will be produced by “Twins” helmer Ivan Reitman, is currently on the hunt for a writer.

Now interestingly enough, the idea of “Triplets” first surfaced in the early ’90s, with Roseanne Barr mentioned as a possible ‘sister’ for the boys.

Question now : Just how far away can a new “Predator” and “True Lies” sequel be for Arnold?