Colin Farrell won’t sit at no round table; turns down Arthur & Lancelot


Warner Bros pulled the plug on Dave Dobkin’s “Arthur & Lancleot”, which Kit Harrington and Joel Kinnaman were set to play the leads in, this year due to the film’s hefty budget and the fact that they didn’t have any major names involved in the production to help put bums on seats.

Suggesting the film is something they’re still keen to do – sans risk, the studio started to show renewed interest in the project in recent weeks. Last we heard Colin Farrell, unarguably a much bigger name than the two actors previously attached to the film, was sought out for the role of Lancelot.

Deadline says the “Total Recall” star has opted not to do the film. Warners had also hoped to get Gary Oldman (as ‘Merlin’) and James McAvoy (as ‘Arthur’) interested, but they too turned down the film.

I’m guessing, despite how good the material may be, actors can smell sloppy seconds when they’re offered it?