Nicole Kidman to play Grace Kelly


Nicole Kidman is in talks to play Grace Kelly in director Oliver Dahan’s “Grace of Monaco”, says THR.

Europacorp co-founder Pierre-Ange Le Pogam is producing the film, based on a script by Arash Amel.

Kidman is in the process of attaching herself to what is being envisioned as a $15 million producion and is being compared in tone to The King’s Speech.

Monaco isn’t a biopic and instead focuses on a six month period in 1962 when the city-state got into a heated dispute with France, which grew tired of the petite principality being a tax haven. Kelly, still relatively new in her role as princess, maneuvered behind the scenes to save Monaco from a coup.

After a string of flops, might this be the one that sees Nicole Kidman get back on top?