First Teaser Poster for Looper Released…


Thanks to /Film, here is a look at the new poster for Rian Johnson’s Looper… a time traveling thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Bruce Willis as the future version of his character. Confused? Well I caught up with Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt at WonderCon recently, and they tried their best to explain the premise…

Rian, I’ve seen on your tumblr site, flying bicycles and all sorts of things… what is going on, what is the basic story?
RJ: It’s a time travel movie, and I wrote the main part for Joe. Bruce and Joe play the same person, Bruce plays an older version of Joe. And they’re hunting each other through the movie. That’s the basic gist of it, and was also one of the first challenges of the film… how do you turn Joe into a younger Bruce Willis?

Joe, did you work with Bruce to make sure you both had the same elements to your character?
JGL: Yeah very much, I studied his movies, and I listened to his voice, I had clips of his voice on my iPod that I would listen to. He even recorded some of my voice-over lines for me, and sent them to me so I could hear how they would sound. And then just this makeup, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m so glad we did it with makeup in real life instead of using any digital effects, because it just looked real. My parents came to the set one day and my mom was literally disconcerted, like I don’t know who this person is… you’re sort of like my son but not really. And that’s the thrill of acting for me is becoming somebody else.

We’ll get to see more of Joseph in that makeup when the official teaser trailer is released on April 12, but for more tidbits, updates and production photos, check out Rian’s Looper tumblr site.

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